Saturday, August 7, 2010

Odessa Departs Shilshole - August 7

We are less than five miles from Neah Bay which will mark our exit into the Pacific.  It is very calm, cloudy, and visibility is improving.  I have received all messages except for Dave and Ann to whom I am making initial contact.  We have settled into a very workable rotation.  Everybody likes the eight hours off to rest.  Jim Knapp has begun his first meal preparation and we are looking forward to it -  rice, vegetables, peanut sauce with chicken and tofu.  Kirk is driving and Sandy is just now waking.  I will be hitting the sack just after dinner to prepare for my midnight to 4:00 shift.  We will take a southwesterly course as we leave the straits with the idea of finding some wind.  Everything is working well.  Special thanks to Nita for all the provisioning and canvas work.  And to Nita and Heidi for the illuminating blow fish. - Mike

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