Thursday, November 11, 2010

Newport Beach, CA

Lots of people fishing on the pier, Newport Beach, CA
Steve and Lulu Yoder on Siemper Sabado, their Westsail 28, Avalon


The Balboa Island Ferry
Yesterday's crossing from Avalon to Newport Beach was uneventful -we were able to sail the last two hours of the four hour crossing.  It's always so peacful when we are able to turn off the engine.

The wind has made things interesting today causing us to take extra precautions and double up on our mooring lines.  We received word that the waves were crashing over the breakwater at Avalon where we were yesterday - good timing.  I was reluctant to leave as I really wanted to stay the weekend for the Jazz Dance Festival in the Casino building.  Our new friends, Steve and Lulu Yoder were scheduled to depart this morning from Avalon.  We hope they were able to make their departure safely.

Our limited adventures today consisted of visiting the famous Minny's second hand marine store and re-provisioning at Trader Joe's.  Sound glamorous doesn't it?

Plans are to depart for Dana Point tomorrow (or on to Oceanside depending on how we feel in the morning).

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