Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turtle Bay to bahia Santa Maria

1:16 a.m. -This is the second night of watch duty on this passage from Turtle Bay to bahia Santa Maria.  We should arrive around noon having departed on Sunday.  The days are blurred since departing San Diego.

Had I been told that I would be on my second overnight passage in a week I would not have believed it.  Somehow,  I had thought we were going to work our way down the Baja coast with short hops and the occasional overnight.  Then we talked with Bob and Sherry on Ponderosa about buddy boating since we were leaving the same day.

Ponderosa, having a longer water line and more sail area, is consistently ahead of us one to eight nautical miles.  It has been reassuring to have Ponderosa’s lights to focus on at night and to have VHF contact, as well, during the long, mostly uneventful, night watches.

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