Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The French Baker

Every morning, and I do mean EVERY morning, around 8:10 a.m. or so, the French Baker announces on channel 22 on the VHF radio with his french accent (now pucker your lips and do your best Inspector Clouseau imitation), "Thees iss thee French Baker, I weel be in the marina in about twentee minutes."  Then, depending on demand, boaters start responding by asking the French Baker to "save a chocolate croissant for_______ (fill in the blank with a boat name), or "be sure to stop by ________ "(fill in the blank with boat name).  We can follow him through his morning routine as he announces which dock is he on and where he will be next.

When the French Baker finishes with the marina he announces, "Thees iss thee French Baker, I weel be in the lagoon in approximately 15 minutes."  You should hear all of the orders and requests coming over the radio for chocolate, almond, and plain croissants, baguettes, walnut bread, olive bread and more.  Boat by boat, the French Baker makes his way through the lagoon.  As he approaches each boat he rings his bell and announces on the radio, "Odessa, thees iss thee French Baker just outside."  Depending on our appetite we will pop up into the cockpit and let him know our desires or send him on his way to the next boat.  As he completes his route through the lagoon he again announces, "Thees is the French Baker, I am now leaving the lagoon, pleese let me know if I have forgotten anyone."  No worries - he "weel" be back tomorrow.

Michael purchasing a baguette from the French Baker.


  1. From Meps:

    Thank goodness we do NOT have a French Baker in our Vero Beach anchorage...Barry and I have to go on a diet tomorrow, and it would be so cruel to have all those chocolate croissants and beautiful baguettes going by our boat.

    We heard secondhand of cruisers in Mexico who sold their boat because they were eating too much (and maybe drinking too much).

    On the bright side, we have lots of great bicycling and a boater's yoga class here! We have removed all tempting foods from the boat for tomorrow's diet, but it's still going to be tough -- it's the weekly Cruiser's Happy Hour, and the food is always yummy and rich.

  2. Great post. I had fun doing the French accent while reading it to Judy. See you soon.