Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day 35

We made it to Crescent City about 1300 to take on fuel and do some shopping. After eating a pizza, we headed on. Crescent City suffered major damage from the recent tsunami. It appears that all the docks are gone in the recreational side of the marina. Thirty-five vessels were lost. It was the worst hit port on the west coast. Crescent City is only fourteen miles from Oregon. But when leaving, the course is eleven miles west before heading north. Our position at 2100 is 41 deg 48.4 min north 124 deg 27.2 min west. We are still working our way to Oregon. The seas are challenging and the wind was up to 30 knots, but has dropped to 20/25. We are expecting more user friendly conditions soon. Yesterday, I failed to report an Orca sighting. During the rounding of Cape Mendocino a pod was spotted off 200 yards and they were very busy. Probably lunch time. Will close for now.

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