Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Twenty-nine

This morning at 0400 Peter steered "Odessa" under the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a relief and a milestone.  Entry into San Francisco Bay is legendary and it made us all believers.  Our thought was to stay at the fuel dock in Gas House Cove until opening.  Our timing could not have been worse.  It was a "spring" low tide.  After backing out of the mud, we found our way to Pier 39.  By this time, the sun was coming up.  I found a "Starbucks" to download the latest weather data; Peter prepared to return to Houston and Paul made sure that I could get back to the boat.  After a talk with the marina personnel to explain our two hour visit, we said good-bye to Peter and returned to the fuel dock which now had plenty of depth.  Don, our newest crew member, was already on the ground.  I explained our schedule.  He arrived at the boat only a few minutes after we had completed fueling.  At 1000, we were on our way.  The exit from San Francisco was similar to our entrance - legendary and believable. Our current plans are to proceed to Fort Bragg where we may stay two or three days to allow a weather system to resolve itself with Bodega Bay as a Plan B.  Our present position is 37 deg 57.7 min north 123 deg 0.6 min west. Until tomorrow.

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