Friday, June 17, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Thirty-three

Time is 1700 and position is 38 deg 58.3 min north 123 deg 49.4 min west - just off Point Arena. We are motoring at five plus knots, the seas are a little lumpy but very reasonable and winds are light. We began the day at 0300 when the winds finally dropped. During the day we have had a variety of conditions with winds up to 30 knots at the extreme. The next major rounding is Cape Mendocina, which is 95 miles up the road. Tomorrow, I will report on that event.
Our stay in Bodega Bay was delightful. We discovered the Roadhouse Coffee Shop which provides coffee (of course), fabulous pastries and quiches, entertainment, wonderful customers and valuable resources. The last being "biker" Bill who made a trip to Sebastopol to pick up several oil filters from the NAPA store. On Wednesday, Paul contacted his sailing friend Paul Elliott who lives in Sonoma County. We had a very pleasant visit over dinner at the Sandpiper restaurant. On Thursday, we prepared for the next leg of the journey. The focus was the auto pilot. The control unit was disassembled and washed with fresh water to remove the salt. Then it was completely dried and reassembled. Certain temporary modifications were put into place to make it more difficult for sea water to come in contact with the control unit in the future. We will see. Until tomorrow.

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