Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Thirty

As you may already know, we took Plan B.  During our rounding of Point Arena we took a large gulp of water into the cockpit.  The water caused the auto pilot to go out.  Hand steering wasn't fun in Mexico and the conditions here are at least as challenging, so we slowed down to cover the 12 or so miles in time for the sun to rise.  Bodega Bay has a very long narrow channel which has been known to ground sailing vessels.  But not us.  We spent the day recovering, cleaning and working on the auto pilot.  After disassembly and drying, it appears that the auto pilot is alive and well.  We will give it a field test tomorrow or the next day.  By the way, Bodega Bay is a great small town in Sonoma County.  It is cute, cute, cute. A fact of the rounding worth mentioning, is that Chef Paul during the very worst was preparing a chicken and a fabulous mix of cooked fresh vegetables which he purchased in San Francisco.  The meal was excellent, but we are not going to do any more cooking during roundings.  The weather is scheduled to ease  after midnight on Friday morning.  We will probably make an early departure to make the most of it.  No updates until Friday evening.

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