Sunday, May 15, 2011

La Cruz, Mexico to Seattle - Day One

Mike, Kirk and Ralph
at the marina in La Cruz, day of departure

Departed at 1000 hours from La Cruz, Mexico which was one hour later than expected.  After an immediate adjustment for Mountain Time Zone, it was decided that we departed on time at 0900.  Our position at 1830 is 21 deg 02.8 min North and 106 deg 17.1 min West.  The weather is clear with winds from the West at 9 knots and a westerly swell.  At the moment we are making 4.9 knots, speed over ground.  Most of the day, we have been able to do better.  We are on schedule to arrive at San Jose del Cabo on Tuesday morning for refueling and a study of the weather before continuing on around the cape.  At this time, we are expecting a weather delay.  Ralph Hemphill guided us past Punta Mita during the morning.  He is new to Odessa, but is learning the systems.  At the moment, Ralph is driving the boat while Kirk Hackler is preparing a dinner.  It was a little lumpy this morning and has continued so.  I have taken some mecilizine for the motion and feeling the better for it.  Must close for dinner.  Will report tomorrow.

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