Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Six

It is 1800 and we are located at 25 deg 16.7 min North, 112 deg 35.4 min West. My how things change in a day.  Last night the wind died and we turned on the motor.  It has not stopped since - the wind is light and the seas pretty good.  We have the main and staysail up and heading about 20 degrees off the wind.  At the moment we are making 6.5 knots.  Most of the day it has about 5.4 knots. The winds are predicted to have increased which will allow us to turn off the motor. We will see.  The good news is that all the other boats have been accounted.  "Tapatai" and "Sun Baby" are very close behind.  "Brisas" and "Blue Sky" got around Cabo Falso this morning.  Another boat "Darling" is five miles from us.  "Psyche" has fuel issues and is considering returning to Cabo San Lucas.  That is a very tough call; we wish them well.  On board, Ralph developed an abscessed tooth.  First chance to really use the medical kit.  Got him on Ibuprophine for the discomfort and have begun a series of Cephalexin for the infection.  He is doing great.  My best guess is that we will arrive at Turtle Bay around midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning.  That is all for today.

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