Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Fourteen

We made it out of Turtle Bay.  This morning, we cleared the entrance at 0800.  It was not perfect conditions, but not bad at all.  With the reduced sail plan, we were able to keep level.  However, the sail modification did not affect the rocking motion.  We are now at Cedros Island near the main harbor, Lat 28 deg 06.3 min north, Long 115 eg 11.1 min west.  We had planned to go a little further knowing that the weather is to build early this evening.  As we motored along, white caps and a strong breeze hit us.  Assuming that it was the expected weather, we ducked in early.  Of course, the winds subsided in a very short time.  Tomorrow, we expect the weather to ease around daybreak.  The plan to really push hard - hopefully 100 miles, but we will settle for 80.  No stopping on this leg.  Tuesday is supposed to be the best day.  Between the two, our wish is to be far enough along to avoid the serious weather and sneak into Ensenada Wednesday or Thursday.  Reports may be brief tomorrow and the next day, but I will write.

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