Friday, May 20, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Five

It is 1830 and our coordinates are 24 deg 08.9 min North and 111 deg 40.5 min West.  Last night we tried to motor with poor results.  Today, we continued sailing with good results, but it is a tough ride with the world ("Odessa") on a constant slope.  Tonight we are dropping the yankee and sailing with reefed main and staysail.  We have decided that sailing is far better than bashing to weather.  One of the advantages of sailing is that it almost eliminates the fuel issue.  Another is the ride is much steadier with a reasonable motion.  So, we will not be stopping until we reach Turtle Bay.  The big news is that last night I reported that "Psyche" was out performing us.  I was wrong.  This morning we visited on the VHF and their position put them about ten miles behind us.  The rest of the fleet has not been heard from.  We assume that they decided to wait a little longer.  Will close for now.

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