Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Eleven

Don on "Summer Passage" prepares a HAM radio weather forecast daily (except Friday) for cruisers.  On the West Coast, he is legendary.  Today, he reported that the system in the Santa Barbara Channel and down the Baja, is the major weather system between Canada and Chile.  And, that south of the Tehuantepec, it is expected that the first tropical storm of the season would be forming within a few days.  The good news is that the tropical storm should provide benefits to those heading north. We will see.  We decided today, to provision and explore the town of Port San Bartolome'.  We ended up at Carlos' Palapa Restaurant, the place we visited in December on the way south.  There we met the crews of "Darling" and "Sun Baby".  "Darling" (an 82' Oyster) is being delivered from South Carolina to San Francisco Bay.  They spent a few days in La Cruz while we were in the States.  They did say that "Odessa" was the first sailing vessel they had encountered at sea since somewhere in the Bahamas.  The crew has some great stories making for a very pleasant afternoon.  Please note that I would rather be reporting on our progress north, but for the present it just is not possible.  So, for today I will not try to create any more "news".

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