Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Ten

A very lazy day.  We did repair the navigation light which failed on the last night of passage.  It was a short which "toasted" the connection post on the port light.  After several attempts to solder the wire to the remainder of the post, we put out an APB to the fleet.  Fortunately, "Psyche" (with whom we visited earlier) had kept a similar Aqua Signal fixture when it was upgraded years ago.  We were able to make a few adjustments and completed the repair.  Ralph did an inventory and tomorrow we will go into town to fill the cupboards.  Kirk spent time cleaning the interior.  For myself, I shaved and made cornbread to go with Ralph's lentils.  The weather still looks like Sunday/Monday/Tuesday before it lets us go.  We have been analyzing and discussing but it does not seem to make it any better.  All for now.

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