Monday, May 16, 2011

La Cruz, Mexico to Seattle - Day Two

Today has been beautiful.  The sea state that developed last night continued to slow our progress until about 0300 this morning.  Since then, we have made excellent time.  At the moment, we are making 6.7 knots and expect to complete the crossing in a total of 48 hours.  During the first 24 hours we traveled about 135 miles leaving 145 miles to be covered in the final 24 hours.  This mornings HAM net weather predicts a favorable change for the outside of the Baja on Thursday.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely.  We did check the oil after 27 hours of motoring, and there was no appreciable change in level.  We have been running at 3000 rpms which is 200 rpms faster than I normally run but well short of the 3600 red line rpms.  The difference in speed is significant, almost 3/4 of a knot, and it help get us through the increased sea state.  I will be interested in the fuel consumption results when we get to San Jose del Cabo.  This morning Ralph prepared scrambled eggs with olives, black beans, onion and jalipenios (sp?)on flour tortillas.  Last night Kirk prepared a pasta dish made with real wheat flour which was a treat both of us.  In the afternoons, Ralph has been preparing sliced fruit.  Bottom line is that we have been eating well, even though it has been pretty bouncy until now.  Tonight, when it should be easy to work in the galley, no one seems interested.  We have been visited by dolphins on both days.  Today, Kirk was able to get some video.  Will call tomorrow from San Jose del Cabo.  On the agenda is the location of the pot hold downs for the stove.  Will close until then.

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