Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Three

We made it to San Jose del Cabo at 0930 and checked in at Marina at Puerto Los Cabos, Lat 23 deg 03.7 min North, Long 109 deg 40.4 min West.  Following my report yesterday evening when the seas were very calm, we had another evening of unpleasant conditions.  The wind picked up to 15 knots from the Northwest and the sea state increased.  The result was that for about five hours we struggled to keep a 5 knot pace.  Things calmed down about 0300 and the rest of the journey was uneventful.  In the marina there are three other boats waiting for proper weather conditions to go around Cabo San Lucas and head north.  In addition, "Psyche" with Steve aboard contacted me from San Lucas to tell me that he too would be making the journey.  At this time, it still looks like Thursday is the magic day.

Marina at Puerto Los Cabos is a very interesting place.  They had only a single slip available when we arrived.  I was anxious to share the art and story of Leonora Carrington.  She is a Surealist still living in Mexico.  Even those that don't particularly enjoy her art seem to find it thought provoking. Her two sons are involved in some financial way with the marina/resort development.  They have used the marina as a venue to recognize their mother. You may find more information about Leonora through Google.  Tomorrow, we are going to explore some the features of this development that I missed the first time through in December.
Today was kind of a work day.  We changed the oil and the primary fuel filter.  Ralph (who has entirely too much energy) washed the outside of the boat.  Kirk worked on the inside with other cleaning projects.  At least tomorrow we can feel good about our clean boat and clean crew.  By Thursday evening, I expect that it will become only a memory.

Will close for now.

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