Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mexico to Seattle - Day Seven

Today began with incredibly calm conditions.  We motored until 1500 at which time the winds began to increase.  Again concerned about fuel, we set the sails.  Turtle Bay was only 90 miles away at the time.  We tacked out hoping that our return tack would place us close to our destination.  But, the winds changed from WNW to NW, enough that our return tack is putting us only a few miles ahead of our departure point.  Sometimes these things happen.  At least we are not going back to Cabo San Lucas.  Otherwise, everything and everybody is fine.  It does look like though that we may have a coffee crisis.  The French Press is reported to be cracked.  Each major voyage seems to reduce our coffee making options.  Will close for now.  Our current position is 26 deg 24.4 min North 114 deg 02.0 min West Mike

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